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"Soundscape studios has been my musical home for many years. It is the only facility of its kind in the country - or the region for that matter. The quality of the studio and live room is top notch and easily exceeds industry standards. The producer - Chris Cara- is one of the best musicians I've ever had the privilege of working with. He will bring the best out of your recordings and your work technically, sonically and artistically. Can't recommend this place enough."


Rushil Ranjan

Singer-Songwriter / Producer / Composer

Dhamma Records

"One of my favourite places to hang out. Have recorded drum tracks here at least a dozen times and have loved every experience. Chris is extremely professional and knowledgeable, and will make you feel comfortable instantly. The equipment is also world class. If you're thinking of doing some writing or recording here I absolutely wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. It's also located in a very beautiful part of the island."


Marcos Economides

Musician / Producer

Defy The Ocean

"I've been working with Chris for music composition on my latest projects. Many reasons why I keep going back to him. He is over all very professional, intuitive, passionate, can work fast and under pressure but will always deliver the best results. As a choreographer his music inspires me and gives my work another dimension. And on top of all that, he is a pleasure to work with!"


Roula Kleovoulou


Chorotheatro Omada Pende

"I've been to this studio 4-5 times over the last few years, flying from the UK. It's by far the best studio and team I've worked with. The studio facility is the perfect space to create. Up in the hills of beautiful Cyprus, with stunning views, where you can chill after a hard day's recording. 😉 One of my favourite places!!"


Abi Sampa

Recording Artist

Orchestral Qawwali

"By far my favourite place to record music in Cyprus and I've been back there quite a few times. The equipment is state of the art, the live room is big but intimate and the staff are very professional. On top of that, it's in a beautiful location, ideal for when you're taking a break or need some inspiration. Highly recommended."


Andreas Economides



"The most professional studio I have ever been to. Chris helped create an album I am incredibly proud of. He is such a creative and approachable producer. Huge recording space, best equipment and best live room! Thank you Soundscape Studios."


Kate Pavli

Recording Artist

Finding Kate

"I loved recording at Chris's studio! The gear is top notch and everything he produces sounds world class. The location is beautiful - it's a perfect place to get away with a project and immerse yourself in music. If you're thinking about going - just do it!"


Joshua Rigal


Little Brother Eli

"Brilliant studio creating some stunning music. Wonderful location on stunning Cyprus. Highly recommend this studio."


Kevin Reynolds

Brand Consultant at Sony Music

KRMB Management

"Working with Chris at Soundscape Studios has been an absolute pleasure for us. In just over a year, starting in the beginning of 2021, we have produced 4 albums, 48 songs there and it has been a great journey together. We have not only become great friends with Chris and his family, there is also a lot of respect and appreciation for the passion that he has infused into our songs. This is only the beginning for us at the Soundscape Studios. Thank you Chris! Btw, the studio and equipment are TOP TOP TOP! If you are serious about music then this is the place! LOVE, SPARROHS"


Brian Philips



"Beautiful professional studio with a C3 piano the was ideal for the pianist I used! Very friendly professionals working with you to get you the sound you want! Highly recommend!"


Stefan Melovski


"A professional recording studio with very talented staff. Highly recommend!"


Demetris Zachariou

Composer / Producer

Delirium Elephants

"Passionate producer, five star equipment, amazing premises."


Petros Tryfonos


"Best studio in Cyprus. Chris is a great producer and engineer. Highly recommended."


Panos Larkou



"One of the best music producers, and the best in Cyprus. His studio is a piece of art, his skills are extreme, he connects with your music and in the end you have a song with professional sound! And the most important, he is a great dude!"


Themis Papadopoulos


Don Canyon

"It's definitely the best studio in Cyprus! The amount of effort and money invested in this place is tremendous. I've never seen anything like this before! Also, Chris pays very much attention to every tiny detail, from placing the mics to shaping the final sound.
Moreover, the studio is a separate villa in a very peaceful location that makes you feel like you're in a movie about insanely cool musicians. So if you're considering shooting an epic music video as well, it's definitely the best choice!
Last but not least, Chris is a very nice person to deal with, a top-tier professional, and a brilliant musician indeed. Meeting him is a great experience by itself!"




"The only professional studio in Cyprus. Worked there for many years. It is very beautiful, clean and funky! Chris- the owner of the studio and his staff is very professional and delivers great results.
I just love being there!
Great job guys!"


Marija Savina



"Great work here in Cyprus, and an important part of the music scene! Keep it up Chris."


Claudio Saghbini


Cloud10 Music Agency

"Soundscape Studios is the place to be when wanting to record or produce an album. Chris Cara, the owner is the person every musician is looking for and always makes you feel at home. Soundscape, a studio located in the mountains, is a place that will inspire you with its calmness and clean air. The studio is equipped with top notch equipment and definitely is the best studio on the island. I 100% recommend Soundscape Studios."


Gabriella Metz

Vocalist / Composer / Arranger

"Loved recording at Soundscape Studios! The gear is top notch and everything Chris produces sound world class. Beautiful space, friendly, professional and very experienced staff. The location is beautiful. It's a perfect place to get away and immerse yourself in music. Highly recommended!"


Vasilis Natsos

Composer / Audio Designer

Qiiwi Games

"Beautiful studio, not far away from Limassol. State of the art equipment. Highly recommended."


Aris Antoniades

Artistic Director / Arranger 

TrakArt PoPs OrchesTra

"Beautiful, inspiring, spacious and truly hospitable. Come stay and have the time of your life ! For me, the experience of recording at Chris's studio was fantastic! Collaborating with professionals in the field of video production as well, Soundscape Studios was able to offer me a full professional experience of recording visuals and sound (LIVE) all the same. Worth the investment!"


Christina Metaxa

Writer / Singer

"After 45 years experience behind Dj decks and being a sound technician for small shows, I can say that Chris Cara always seems to surprise me with his increasing high quality productions each year. I’ve been listening to his work since his first ever production!
I believe he is TOP in Cyprus. Nothing he achieves is luck.
When listening to his mixes I can clearly hear every single drum hit, every single note of every instrument!
I believe it’s a waste of money for artists to mix their music abroad, when we have the 'console master' here in Cyprus."


Sosis Theodosiou

Rock Music DJ

"I worked with Chris on my debut album a few years back. He’s a real visionary, and brought my music to life in ways I couldn’t even imagine. He dedicates himself fully to the projects he undertakes, and brings his genuine passion and creativity to the production table. Thanks for inspiring me, and hope to have the opportunity of collaborating again in future!"


Rebecca Pierides


Deep Iris

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