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Recording Studios in the heart of the Mediterranean

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Step into the captivating world of Soundscape Studios, your premier recording destination situated on the sunny Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Our internationally acclaimed services offer unparalleled facilities for a myriad of audio applications, ensuring a seamless experience for every client.

At Soundscape, we are dedicated to transforming your creative vision into a masterpiece!


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Step into sonic perfection and benefit from years of expertise, world-class equipment, and our golden rule: 'Magic IN... Magic OUT!'
Your recordings deserve excellence—
Let's make it happen!


€80 / Hr

€500 / Day

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Explore a spectrum of musical creativity with our in-house composers/producers, who specialize in crafting original music and songs for Radio, TV, Performances, Series, Documentaries, and Films across various genres.
Elevate your project with our musical expertise!


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Instalment Payment Plan Offered

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Immerse yourself in audio excellence with our flagship, the Solid State Logic - AWS 948 - 48 channel analogue console.
Elevate your sound with world-class outboard gear and plugins.
The result? A 48 multi-track mixing paradise!


€500 / Song

€300 / Song (Album)

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Fuel your passion at our Rehearsal space accommodating up to 20 musicians. Enjoy a premium package with a PA system, 2 vocal mics, and optional gear rental, including pianos, drum kits, synths, bass and guitar amps, and much more at unbeatable rates.
No extra charge for your own gear! 


€30 / Hr : Basic Package
€50 / Hr : All-Inclusive Package


Step into a realm of sonic innovation where we cater to ambitious artists, providing endless production tools, experienced audio engineers/producers, and a top-tier recording environment.
Your journey to musical excellence begins here!


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Instalment Payment Plan Offered


Ignite creativity with your team at Soundscape! Our 90m² studio, reaching up to 7 meters high, is your ultimate canvas for songwriting, recordings, and photo/video shoots.

Choose Soundscape for a Dry Hire experience like no other!


€50 / Hr 
€300 / Day

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