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Soundscape Studios has been the birth place of many great songs and music productions since 2005, when it was established. There is sufficient knowledge, experience, and ‘tuned’ ears to transform any melody into a great song and subsequently into something special infused with essence and aesthetics. The main responsibility is to develop an overall understanding and vision for the artists, create, shape and ‘mould’ the songs accordingly. Soundscape Studios provides endless production tools in both music and audio worlds, to satisfy even the most demanding client! This service caters for people who wish to pursue a long-lasting music career and want a professional product to launch them into the music industry, ie. Recording artists who want a Single, EP or Album ready for release! Soundscape Studios provides experienced audio engineers, music producers, along with a professional recording environment with live and electronic instruments.
The goal is to push the product where it deserves to be… Into the world’s ears!

Production Services: Recording Contract, Pre-Production, Recording, Mixing and Production.
Optional Services: Mastering (Out-of-House), Online Marketing & Promotion, Session Musicians, Music Video.

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“ Music is my religion. ”
– Jimi Hendrix