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Vyronas Potsos ft. Akoustiki Epivates – O Moikanos
Pop-Rock / 2014
Vyronas Potsos ft. Akoustiki Epivates – O Moikanos
About the Artist

Moikanos is Vyron Potsos’ second album. The tracks are best described as a mixture of pop, rock and folk sounds which move from acoustic to full-blast distortion and effects. The lyrics refer to global issues and are supported by an alternative approach with regards to the production, sound and style.

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Featured Tracks
1. O Moikanos
2. Ta Schinia tis Skepsis
3. O Kathos Prepi
4. Na Chamogelas
5. Efiges Noris
6. Den Echo Tipote

Performed by Vyronas Potsos & Akoustiki Epivates
Music & Lyrics by Vyron Potsos
Produced by Chris Charalambides (C.C.)
Co-produced by Vyron Potsos
Recorded and Mixed by Chris Charalambides (C.C.) at Soundscape Studios
Mastered by Leon Zervos at 301 Studios, Sydney, AUS

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