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Perro Neggro – Crack In My Soul
Blues, Pop-Rock, Alternative / 2014
Perro Neggro - Crack In My Soul
About the Artist

Perro Neggro was the brainchild from the founder Nicos Christodoulou in February 2013. Before the band name Perro Neggro became what it is today, the group was called Jam Sessions by Nicos. The group comprised of Nicos Christodoulou on drums, Stathis Chatzicharalambous on guitar, Nikolas Genethleiou on keys and his brother Rafaelos on guitar and clarinet. Jam Sessions didn’t last long because there were more songs being written than played. Shortly after the band saw the inclusion of Cliff Cleovoulou on Bass and the incredible vocals of Elena Anagiotiou which then brought together ‘Perro Neggro’. After just 6 months of live gigging, Perro Neggro decided to record their first album titled, Crack in my soul.

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Featured Tracks
1. Winter
2. I'll Save You

Performed by Perro Neggro
Lyrics: Nikos Christodoulou
Music: Nikos Christodoulou, Chris Charalambides (C.C)
Vocals: Elena Anagiotou
Produced by Chris Charalambides (C.C)
Recorded and Mixed by Chris Charalambides (C.C) at Soundscape Studios Cyprus
Mastered by Leon Zervos at 301 Studios Australia

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