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Oblivion – Absolution
Progressive Metal / 2014
Oblivion - Absolution
About the Artist

Project: Oblivion is a Cypriot Melo-Technical/Progressive Metal band from Limassol Cyprus. At its inception in 2006, the band was known simply as Oblivion, changing it to Project: Oblivion in the summer of 2011. Project: Oblivion’s five man line-up is made up by Marinos Savvides (Vocals/Bass), Takis Petevis (Drums), Stephanos Iasonides (Lead Guitar), Tasos Theophilides (Rhythm Guitar) and CK Stylianou (Keyboards). Since the time it came into being up until the summer of 2012, Project: Oblivion have composed 12 original songs, each further demonstrating their musical prowess, their lyrical ability and their uncompromised dedication to delivering their own kind of music to the metal fans of Cyprus; each song taken in the spirit of the band’s name, a Project that will lead the audience into Oblivion.

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Featured Tracks
1. Absolution

Performed by Oblivion
Music & Lyrics by Oblivion
Recorded, Mixed & Produced by CC at Soundscape Studios
Mastered by Björn Engelmann, Cutting Room, Stockholm, SWE

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