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Digital Vision UK – IBC & NAB Showreel
Experimental Soundtrack / 2012
Digital Vision TV UK
About the Company

Digital Vision, founded in 1988 in Sweden, was a pioneer of digital video in the 80s. Among the founders of the company: Peter Weiss, Björn Christensson and Håkan Almér, the latter two are still with the company’s R&D group. The trio had worked for the Swedish Telecom’s R&D lab, on video compression algorithms and related technologies and had recognised the need for a high-quality grain and noise reducer for applications in broadcast and video post-production. In 2005, Digital Vision acquired the London-based Nucoda Ltd and integrated its 20 years of heritage of engineering excellence into Nucoda’s software based products.

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Featured Tracks
1. IBC Volume 1
2. IBC Volume 2
3. NAB Volume 1
4. NAB Volume 2
5. NAB Volume 3

Composed by Chris Charalambides (C.C.)
Produced by Chris Charalambides (C.C.)
Mixed by Chris Charalambides (C.C.) at Soundscape Studios

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