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Introducing Chris Charalambides

Chris Charalambides (CC)
Music Producer  |  Mixing Engineer

Producers have from the start played a fundamental role in the music industry, but whereas the majority of them used to be exclusively behind the scenes, these days, the most successful are stars in their own right. One such burgeoning star is founder of Soundscape Studios; Chris Charalambides.

Chris has a background stemming from Alternative, Rock, Pop, Soundtrack roots and a jet setting lifestyle that saw him gain valuable experience in recording and music production in the musical hubs of two continents; Europe & Australia. Chris is considered as one of the most widely known producers on the island of Cyprus; and certainly one of the most inventive and consistently successful; he has built a career on combining a spontaneous approach to versatility while not conforming to any particular style of rhyme or concept, and has become artistically known for his sharp ear and ability to predict the next big thing in music. Unlike some contemporaries, Chris views success not only in financial terms but more importantly in artistic terms. Chris believes that as a creative artist you must find the things in life that keep you connected to music and always have faith, and that music is a service which has been given to us by some uncontrollable force.

Official Page: http://www.cc-producer.com/

“ Music is a service given to us by some uncontrollable force! ”
– Chris Charalambides